About us

We are a private robotic team. The name of our robotic club is RoboGenius.

In 2002 it all began. It is now 19 years ago.

Our predecessors participated for the first time in the FLL competition. There were two teams: Team 19 United and Hjortspring school. The following year Hjortspring school participated again and won the local competition. The third year was RoboGenius team established, which consisted of members from the old Team 19 United and Hjortspring school. A perfect fusion of children who were eager for the idea of FLL.

In 2006 the team NXT Generation was born. The name of the team was chosen because of the new NXT brick was released and some of the old stopped and new children were registered including younger siblings.

Since 2013 the name of the team is NXT EV3lution, because there is always new advances and new team members.

We emphasize that there is a good age spread among the members, so we have participants between 10 and 16 years. It gives an incredible dynamics and learning between all participants. The older kids are good to take care of the younger kids.

All team coaches are volunteers who are passionate about FLL and spend a lot of time with the team.